Monday, July 22, 2013

Squaring My Pleats From The Past

 The sun still continued to play the game of hide-and-seek amongst the clouds during this shoot causing me to have to switch from numerous camera settings struggling to capture the perfect outdoor lightening.  Though with some different variations of light on my photos, some great shots still came about. ^_^
The other day I did a serious mad rummage take-over through my moms closet and was in search of perhaps a new feel of a new look.  In result of excitedly running back & forth across the house from my closet to hers, this is one of the many dope looks I planned out for the week.   For this look,  it was mission: straight old-fashioned!

 Back then everything seemed to be so simple and classic during the 50's & 60's era with different silhouettes of skirts, women's dress-suits and styles of mens buttoned blazers. I wanted to capture that same essence with this look.  My love for color and knack for coordinating lead me to pair up this ensemble.

When it come to thrifted jewelery, to me there far more valuable than any store bought earrings you may purchase.  They have that certain look of history, time, and a past on them that you cant find anymore unlike the same jewelry trends that you see repetitively in every other store now-a-days.
Thrifted Treasures: Square Blouse, Pink Skirt, Earrings,  Dress Shoes, Purse
gift - Blazer

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