Thursday, August 22, 2013

College Bound

 It feels good being back on Meredith College campus this go around!  I feel blessed having a lot to look forward to this semester with new classes,  club activities, and making new friends.  Being a new transfer last semester I mostly stayed hidden in my dorm room trying to get use to my new surroundings. But this semester its becoming easier to take the initiative to become more social to people.  And I have yet to finish going all out with decorating my dorm room!
Have an awesome week! ^_^

Thrfited Treasures: vest, shorts
my moms closet - blouse

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Dorm Must Haves

Going back to college like me!? Well I decided to do a fun collage of some of my ideal must-haves whether your in your dorm room studying, relaxing, or even I will be!  More outfit posts on the way next week...Happy Friday! ^_^
Dorm Studying Essentials
local-celebrity graphic t shirt / Tee and Cake sweat pants / Sony / Victoria's Secret headphones earbud / Bright throw pillow / Vera Bradley 

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Blessings Yet To Come

 From doing a little dorm room packing, bandaging a injury, hanging and saying good-bye to a friend before we both leave again for college, and fantasizing scenarios about how my new semester should mind has been in a whirl-wind lately! Although this summer has came and went Im eager to grasp some new inspiration from a change of scenery and to start my junior year of college. Oh I can not wait to start my new sewing class! ^_^

 I wore this upbeat outfit this past Sunday for church. I was so stoked to wear this skirt out after trying it on a couple weeks ago finding that it finally fits me! With my favorite thrifted lime blazer and other accessories the colors in this look just awesomely came together.

Thrifted Treasures: Lime Blazer
Discount Store: Tank
hand-me-downs - skirt

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Parade Of Festivity

Fiesta is the word!.....Well, when describing this awesome vintage men blouse it is. I felt like I was more than ready to partake in a parade or some sort of festivity. I find myself becoming a sucker for over-sized collard shirts this year. They can be dressed up, dressed down, and so comfy... can you blame me!? Having it paired with some cute summer-y shorts I think it gives a little colorful spin on the "Boyfriend Look" trend.


Thrifted Treasure: Collard Blouse, White Dress Flats
Lane Bryant: Blue Denim shorts (similar!)

Monday, August 5, 2013

A Garden Someone Else Planted

I can not believe that it is August already!  The unexpected cool breeze in the air during this shoot reminded me that fall is soon to be around the corner..... Anyhoo,  I have been wanting to share with you guys my creative take on this cool ensemble I put together! So few months ago while on a whole thrift day with a close friend of mine I ran across this floral printed dress and burnt orange capris. My first intention wasn't to pair these two pieces up until I noticed in a mountain of thrifted clothes on my bed I had bought that they fit well together in color. When I originally tried on the dress it was more form-fitting than I had expected and it made me bulge in the stomach horribly. (my problem area) Regardless, I decided to make it work.  I brought up the dress and folded it evenly under about 3 times just above my hips covering the bottom bulge area. Overall I think the look came out pretty dope. ^_^

 The actual full length of the dress. Did you think it would be this long? (Ha!)
Thrifted Treasures: Dress, Pants, Earrings
mall: fedora

Friday, August 2, 2013

Dope Panda Effect

 I felt a little bit more upbeat during this shoot, especially with the sun making its first appearance this week....(FINALLY!)  The cloudy weather has been sort of a inspiration killer to me lately.  Though in the down time of not posting in the earlier portion of this week, I used my spare time to create some thrift-closet outfits.  With this look being one of them. I figured it was about time I give kudos to my favorite alter-ego animal and blog name.  More outfits on the way for next week. 
Until then have a dope-awesome weekend!

Thrifted Treasures: Color-block blouse, cut-off shorts, panda fan
Ice Cream shoes (here!)
gift - panda hat, moms closet - pink tee

Thursday, August 1, 2013

As Paisley As It Goes

 Its so nice being able to feel awesome in my clothes especially after my continuing journey of losing weight this past half year.  These paisley pants are a lot slouchy and baggy then I remembered when I first tried them on in the thrift store. Either way, Im not complaining, I made them work in this look!
Have a blessed week! ^_^

Thrifted Treasures: paisley pants, vest
Urban Outfitters: Kimichi Blue Lace-up heels (other styles)
Discount store: necklace, earrings
moms closet - textured blouse


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