Friday, September 20, 2013

Raleigh Fashion Spark 2013

I gained so much inspirational life this past Saturday while attending a fashion show with Jen ! FashionSpark is a non-profit held every year in the city of downtown Raleigh showcasing creativity, talent, and ideas of local fashion designers.  Another great thing about it is that its free and opened to the public !  The last time I went was two years ago when I attended my previous college.  So I definitely wanted to make up for it this year. I got to see some former classmates that modeled, designed, and helped out to volunteer for the show which was so great to reunite with them.  Also don't forget to checkout on my Facebook for video clips of the show and the featured lines ! Lastly checkout the links below to learn more about the designers of the show! ENJOYY! ^_^ 

2013 Fashion Designers:
LeNeva by Candice Organ/Jfaith by Jessica Palmer (featured designer)/ Keely Lauren Cansler by Keely Cansler (featured designer)/ Rebecca Ann Walker Design by Rebecca Walker/ Laura Meredith Tripp by Laura Tripp/ Zac Schell Designs by Zac Schell/ Tyger Alexis by Kristin Robbins/ Little Grey Line by Jessica Johnson Moore

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Pattern To Follow

Stressful, hectic, and long are words to describe my previous week. An exam,  a pop history quiz, a group presentation and a lot of sewing samples to get done. Though I remember not to complain because I know how blessed I am to be able to continue a college education. But some days the struggle can be real with schoolwork. But on the upside of things I joined MFA this past Friday ! Im so stoked to be a apart of a fashion related club where I can meet people of the same interest, network, and just have some fun....Which is long overdue.

 Me and Jen did this shoot few weeks ago during the first couple of weeks of school on our leisure time on campus. And I have been meaning to upload them for the longest. This neutral colored cardigan I consider to be my go to piece whenever its a little chill outside, I don't feel like showing my arms in a sleeveless top, or just something simple to complete a casual outfit.   The blouse and cargo pants are like a year old from when I use to work at Lane Bryant and there still fitting me quite nicely ! On long class days I tend to go for the baggy but relax style of clothing. Yet still continue to have some fun with coordinating colors.

Thrifted Treasures: Cardigan
Lane Bryant: Cargo Pants (similar), Blouse (similar 1/ similar 2)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday Blues

Juggling my priorities of school and the newer posts of this blog is starting to become a challenge.  Having at least one post per week is going to be my new goal.  Even with all the chaos of school assignments, deadlines, and homework Im still always thinking of ideas of what Ima do for my next blog post.   I love the support and encouragement I have gotten from this blog since Ive started whether its only from some friends, family, and a couple of cool people I go to school with. I just want to say to you all as well as any possible future followers, THANKKK YOUUUUU !!!!!!! ^_^
 Sorry for the fuzziness. The struggle was real trying to adjust camera lightening during this time of the day.  Anyhoo, this was an outfit I wore a few weeks ago on the first days of classes.  A very comfortable and casual look for a humid day.  I bagged the sheer blouse at UO (similar!) last year from the clearance section and the sea-green boots from Urbanog this past summer.  I love how these two clothing pieces came together perfectly even though I bought them a year apart.

Urban Outifitters: Shear blouse (another similar top on sale!)
my moms closet: white shorts, discount store: blue tank

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Motivational Swing

Trying to get back into the usual routine of school has been a rough transition after coming off of a 3 month summer vacate, but I think Im starting to get back into the full swing of things slowly but surely.  A huge motivation that got me going since being back on campus was Meredith's Fashion Association (MFA) sponsoring a visit for Amanda Schardt whose an alumni and current director of development for L.A. based brand Paper Crown by Lauren Conrad. AWESOME RIGHT?!  During her visit, she was able to express how she started out, her work ethics, importance of networking, and a lot of other valuable insights about being in the fashion industry.

While I listened to her, there were two things that inspired me the most about her: 1.)  That ANYTHING is possible if you just set your mind to it and if you just truly believe in yourself. For me being able to actually hear experiences and advice from someone that went to the same school as I currently am and worked hard in the same career I one day strive to be in is so MIND-BLOWING to me! That alone makes me continue to aspire to dream big and achieve big. 2.) She spoke to the openly public audience with such kindness and a humbled spirit.  One of her biggest advice that she said was to always stay true to yourself and values. In which she admits can be a huge challenge in this industry.
 (L-R) Friend Jennifer, Amanda, Me!, Friend Tiffany
After the function was over, Tiffany and fellow fashion blogger friend Jennifer decided to do a truly random mini shoot while preparing to leave.  In between the laughter and some quirky poses, I was surprised Jen was able to get some pretty awesome shots.

Lastly, don't forget to checkout Jen's blog The F.L.A.S.H. also!


Photos by Jennifer

 Thrifted Treasures: blazer, necklace
Lane Bryant: blue denim shorts (similar!)
Discount Store: silver sequined sandals, hi-lo gray top


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