Friday, September 20, 2013

Raleigh Fashion Spark 2013

I gained so much inspirational life this past Saturday while attending a fashion show with Jen ! FashionSpark is a non-profit held every year in the city of downtown Raleigh showcasing creativity, talent, and ideas of local fashion designers.  Another great thing about it is that its free and opened to the public !  The last time I went was two years ago when I attended my previous college.  So I definitely wanted to make up for it this year. I got to see some former classmates that modeled, designed, and helped out to volunteer for the show which was so great to reunite with them.  Also don't forget to checkout on my Facebook for video clips of the show and the featured lines ! Lastly checkout the links below to learn more about the designers of the show! ENJOYY! ^_^ 

2013 Fashion Designers:
LeNeva by Candice Organ/Jfaith by Jessica Palmer (featured designer)/ Keely Lauren Cansler by Keely Cansler (featured designer)/ Rebecca Ann Walker Design by Rebecca Walker/ Laura Meredith Tripp by Laura Tripp/ Zac Schell Designs by Zac Schell/ Tyger Alexis by Kristin Robbins/ Little Grey Line by Jessica Johnson Moore

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