Friday, October 18, 2013

Plaid Memory Throwback

"We worry too much about what others say, we need to worry more about what God says."
 The last time I wore this vest with the matching skirt was in the fifth grade for picture day and I was ridiculed for it. Because of my weight, how I looked, and for wearing such an outfit. I never wore it again since.  Last week when I went home for fall break and tried it on to see if it fit, all the low self-esteem memories tied to this vest came flourishing back. Now that I am older with my own voice, my own mind, and my own style I could care less now what other people think of me. As I got older I learned that other people's opinion do not define YOU.  I don't wear clothes or do things to benefit other people. This blog, my style, and my words are my way of articulating who I am as a person.   As individuals we should all be inclined to embrace our own uniqueness that God gave us. 

On another note, I love the season fall and how beautifully and so suddenly the leaves change !  That alone gives me inspiration for location shoots to do everywhere on campus.  After rummaging through winter clothes and rediscovering this vest I wanted to pair it up with other dark fall-like colored pieces, pair prints, and experiment a bit like I mentioned before with some layering.  I think I greatly accomplished all three.  And these polka-dot shoes though ! My soul has been waiting for me to pair up an outfit for them to flow with.  My best friend Jasmine gave them away to me last year.  I knew as soon as she took them out the box they were mine.....(evil laughs).

Thrifted treasures: printed collar blouse, plaid vest, pearl earrings
Discount Store: Dress Pants
gift -polka dot oxfords

Friday, October 4, 2013

Owls & Bricks

A week ago for my visual merchandising class I had a visual display assignment with my partner Jen at Ivy & Leo retail store.  Majority of the time on campus I'm usually looking like a comfortable college bum while going to my classes. But since I was stepping off campus for this assignment I decided to take the effort to actually look nice that day with this ensemble. Cute and stretchy were my goals with this look while keeping in mind I will be manipulating heavy mannequins and other merchandise around the store. It was somewhat of a sunny but cool day so I put on my favorite cardigan to not to air out too much.  

 The flowiness and the uneven balance is what attracts me to fishtails tops other than the various colors they come in. These shorts I paired it with are LOVE to me! They are made of a soft spandex and elastic side panel material that shapes around my stomach and bottom half perfectly.   Although its the month of October, I think I can still get some more wears out of this outfit due to all of this 80-degree weather we have been having here in North Carolina.  Yet I find myself rooting for some cold weather to take its effect.  I cant wait to dust off my winter clothes so I can experiment a little with some layering !


 Thrifted Treasures: Cardigan
UrbanOutfitters:  Earrings (similar)
moms jewelry - necklace, gift - clutch purse
Rainbows: Owl Blouse, Shorts
Plus-Size Stretch Shorts,TAN,smallPlus-Size Sheer Leopard Sleeveless Blouse,CORAL  TRIM,smallPlus-Size Sheer Camo Sleeveless Blouse,MINT,smallPlus-Size Sheer Blouse with Leather-Look Collar,MINT,small
Available in plus-sizes !


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