Friday, October 18, 2013

Plaid Memory Throwback

"We worry too much about what others say, we need to worry more about what God says."
 The last time I wore this vest with the matching skirt was in the fifth grade for picture day and I was ridiculed for it. Because of my weight, how I looked, and for wearing such an outfit. I never wore it again since.  Last week when I went home for fall break and tried it on to see if it fit, all the low self-esteem memories tied to this vest came flourishing back. Now that I am older with my own voice, my own mind, and my own style I could care less now what other people think of me. As I got older I learned that other people's opinion do not define YOU.  I don't wear clothes or do things to benefit other people. This blog, my style, and my words are my way of articulating who I am as a person.   As individuals we should all be inclined to embrace our own uniqueness that God gave us. 

On another note, I love the season fall and how beautifully and so suddenly the leaves change !  That alone gives me inspiration for location shoots to do everywhere on campus.  After rummaging through winter clothes and rediscovering this vest I wanted to pair it up with other dark fall-like colored pieces, pair prints, and experiment a bit like I mentioned before with some layering.  I think I greatly accomplished all three.  And these polka-dot shoes though ! My soul has been waiting for me to pair up an outfit for them to flow with.  My best friend Jasmine gave them away to me last year.  I knew as soon as she took them out the box they were mine.....(evil laughs).

Thrifted treasures: printed collar blouse, plaid vest, pearl earrings
Discount Store: Dress Pants
gift -polka dot oxfords

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