Tuesday, November 5, 2013

An Anomalous

 Anomaly: something different, abnormal, peculiar, or not easily classified

Oh fall has definitely arrived, especially here on campus. Making it the perfect season to have my hair straightened. (*Flips Hair*) This hairstyle lasts longer without my hair gradually converting back to its natural state so quickly compared to hot weather. (SO ANNOYING!)  During this time every year I continue to wear any color that flows with my mood in the moment.  However dark color tones of burgundy seems to be what I've been attracted to the most lately.  I knew on my thrift run a couple of weeks ago with Jasmine I had to bag both this velvet blouse (similar thrifts here! and here!) and this printed men shirt and layer it together. Over sized clothing are always my go to pieces whenever the cold starts to set in.  What fashionable trends and colors are you guys in the mood for this fall?

Thrifted Treasures: Entire Outfit ! ^_^

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