Saturday, March 14, 2015

Geometric Top 3 Ways

 This new college semester has been like a whirlwind of busyness for me mixed with a lot to look forward to in the months to come. As a college student, I have been really trying to put myself on a budget more than ever lately. Im not planning on buying anything new for awhile still, so this gives me a great chance to work with what is in my wardrobe already and save money.  One way I like to be creative with my wardrobe is:  1.) I take one clothing piece (usually a blouse/shirt).  2.) Pair it with versatile pieces of my wardrobe making new looks for different occasions.  To make it easy, I find other similar or solid colored pieces to compliment the colors of the blouse. 3.) Find the right accessories to give the overall look an added touch. But keep it simple. Are you guys versatile with anything in your wardrobe this season? 

From top to bottom:
Geometric blouse - similar here & here
Houndstooth Clutch - similar here
Oxford Heels - Similar here
Triangular Earring (thrifted)


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