Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Year Well Lived

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas !  I have been SUPER BUSY with school. And I can't believe this year has came and went.  These past few months have led up to me reaching another major mile stone. Graduating college! My college experience these past four years definitely hasn't been an easy one. It has been a long journey full of good experiences along with hardships. Out of everything that I have been through my faith in God has kept me going the most. Even when I was stressed out of my mind about homework, crying my eyes out about personal things going on around me, and completely wanting to quit.  Despite that, God continue to direct me to conquer so many amazing things this year that I never thought I would be able to do!  

In my final design class this semester, tailoring I made two garments. I learned about the history of tailoring, hand sewing techniques, and the application of non-fusible interfacing by hand. My inspiration for both of these pieces came from the choices of fabrication as well as the popular trend of culotte pants.  Below is the process of how I made both through drafting patterns, sewing a muslin, and applying these techniques.  Are there any crafty ideas you guys have to decorate for the New Year?  Use coupon code: ExtraFifty01 to get 50% off any regular priced item from Jo-Ann Fabrics & Craft Stores !

Jacket Pattern (Working Patterns)
100% Wool with application of Non-fusible interfacing by hand 
Under Collar

Culotte Pant Patterns w/ Waistband
100% Wool
Denim (Abstract Fabric)
Front Hip Pocket 

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