Sunday, July 7, 2013

As The Wild Ran Free (Safari Weekend 3 of 3)

Third and final post which wraps up my safari weekend! With this outfit I was quite indecisive on what to pair up.  At first I was deciding on a black blouse with black flats but thought it would have been.....well, too clique and boring. (THATS NOT ME!) I barely have black in my closet as is.
 So after rummaging through my closet a little longer my new peplum polka blouse caught my eye.  And though I have worn these shoes within an earlier outfit post and wasn't planning on repeating so soon, I decided what the heck! Let's get this outfit on going!

 "Too much!" was a first thought that crossed my mind when I decided to keep the overcoat with the peplum tank.  However I think the outfit turned out more cohesive than I expected. ^_^

And if you have noticed I have straightened my hair!  Posting tips and new natural hair products I use will be posted soon!

Thrifted Treasures: Black Stone Earring, Zebra 2-piece Outfit
Rainbows:  Polka Dot Lace Peplum Tank (Here+ more styles!)

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