Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sketchings Of The Burgundy Vines

What better way to welcome a beautiful summer day than to do a shoot outside.  Best time and place? In the shade of trees first thing in the morning long before the unbearable humidity runs me back inside.
 This blouse had such a uniqueness and such pretty delicacy that caught my eye while rummaging a thrift store.  It must have been the the floral print that made the shirt look special to me.

 Jeggings, to me, will always win over jeans, ANY DAY! Why you wonder?: Bc there super comfortable, stretchable, form-fitting, and there just so dang COMFORTABLE! Plus there very versatile in which you can dress up or dress down an outfit with them.

I love vests, especially ones that fit me to a tee. There like fun enhancing bonus pieces to an outfit.

Since last year Ive had this necklace and I have completely lost track the number of times Ive worn it, to the point my mom thought it was the only jewelery I owned. My first glance at it in Platos Closet was not only because of its vintage appeal but because it look as if it had a story behind of why and where its been.

Thrifted Treasures: Floral Blouse, Tribe Vest
Platos Closeet: Necklace
Lane Bryant: Red Vino Skinny
a gift - earrings, bag, men's oxford shoes

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