Friday, July 5, 2013

Whats Over The Horizon (Safari Weekend 1 of 3)

Burnt orange is a color I have been hunting down to incorporate into my wardrobe for awhile now.  I was blessed enough to be able to thrift it! Despite being such a warm and enticing color to engage in, its a color that suits my skin tone very well.


My mom's closet & my fascination of combining prints lead me to a dope flip-flop with this outfit. The jacket and the pants are actually separates within two different 2-piece outfits. (HA!) Can u tell?  The pants belong to a long short sleeve overcoat (of the same print) while the jacket belongs to a skirt (of the same print).

You can never go wrong with a great old-fashioned pair of tasseled loafers. After having to hear me bicker about not having some vintage loafers, my friend was able to scope me out a pair in the madness of the mens section while on a thrift day.....p.s. You can never go wrong with a thrifting buddy either!

Thrifted Treasures: Tasseled Loafers, Stripe Pants
My Mom's Closet: Polka Blouse, Tribal Jacket

First post of three for my safari weekend shoots featuring everything from stripes, polka dots, and animals. Keep checking back all weekend!

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