Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Motivational Swing

Trying to get back into the usual routine of school has been a rough transition after coming off of a 3 month summer vacate, but I think Im starting to get back into the full swing of things slowly but surely.  A huge motivation that got me going since being back on campus was Meredith's Fashion Association (MFA) sponsoring a visit for Amanda Schardt whose an alumni and current director of development for L.A. based brand Paper Crown by Lauren Conrad. AWESOME RIGHT?!  During her visit, she was able to express how she started out, her work ethics, importance of networking, and a lot of other valuable insights about being in the fashion industry.

While I listened to her, there were two things that inspired me the most about her: 1.)  That ANYTHING is possible if you just set your mind to it and if you just truly believe in yourself. For me being able to actually hear experiences and advice from someone that went to the same school as I currently am and worked hard in the same career I one day strive to be in is so MIND-BLOWING to me! That alone makes me continue to aspire to dream big and achieve big. 2.) She spoke to the openly public audience with such kindness and a humbled spirit.  One of her biggest advice that she said was to always stay true to yourself and values. In which she admits can be a huge challenge in this industry.
 (L-R) Friend Jennifer, Amanda, Me!, Friend Tiffany
After the function was over, Tiffany and fellow fashion blogger friend Jennifer decided to do a truly random mini shoot while preparing to leave.  In between the laughter and some quirky poses, I was surprised Jen was able to get some pretty awesome shots.

Lastly, don't forget to checkout Jen's blog The F.L.A.S.H. also!


Photos by Jennifer

 Thrifted Treasures: blazer, necklace
Lane Bryant: blue denim shorts (similar!)
Discount Store: silver sequined sandals, hi-lo gray top

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