Friday, May 16, 2014

Faded Hue

 I tend to consider myself a busy body during the summer.  A major self-given project I just recently tackled since being home for summer is organizing clothes I've accumulated this school year.  It is so hard for me to decide what I should give away and/or keep due to me eventually wanting to keep EVERYTHING!  In this look, my blouse and skirt is what I happen to come across among the madness of my closet.  I forgot how much I loved the faded effect on this skirt and the nice touch of sparkle with the scattered sequins flowing to the hem.  My knit blouse I thought would be nice to pair up with giving off a touch of a boho feel.  And I think I might just hold on to these pieces a little while longer..... What fashion pieces are you discovering for the summer?

Thrift: Knit blouse, earrings
Discount Store: Skirt, Silver sandals

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