Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Darker Approach To Fun

Have you ever had something you love so much but you cant seem to find what it needs to be complimented? Well like I've mentioned in my earlier posts, Im highly indecisive! Yet I tend to use that small flaw of mine to my advantage, especially with this look.  I thought I didn't having anything to flow quite well with this jacket. Though after awhile of fumbling in closets I decided it needed to be flattered with more prints! (HA!)
At full length, the skirt reaches all the way to my calf's. Yet, I wanted it to make the outfit have more of a youthful appearance.  The delicate rayon material at the top part of the skirt I folded over a few times. It really helped to bring the skirt up a lot higher to only show the top of the bottom pleated swirl print where the two materials meet.
Skirt originally goes with the overcoat from Safari 1 of 3 shoot.

Over the past half year, I've lost a lot of weight and have not only grown a new confidence in myself but also in the clothes that Im in now.  Ive never thought I would be at a size where Im wearing a cut-out top that fits me oh so well.  But I guess there is a first time for everything. 

Discovered these awesome unique cut-out flats at the bottom of my shoe tote before the shoot that I totally forgot my friend gave away to me last year!

Thrifted Treasures: Printed Blazer
gift - Cutout flats (other styles!)
moms closet - skirt, earrings

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