Saturday, July 20, 2013

Stripes Of Geo

 I think the sun was definitely playing with me today with this outfit as it was going in and out of the clouds.  Either way, it didn't stop my eagerness to pair up some cool prints today.


I think this sundress may literally be the first dress ever that I have found to form-fit me perfectly without making me look too wide or bigger at the top.  I don't usually where many dresses. But when I do I have to be careful with some like the elastic waist or sash dresses that tends to make me look wider than I really am.

This clutch is so dang eye-catching in which I have gotten a lot of compliments off of .  Can you believe it that I go it at a discount store for half its value! (DANCES) 
Original price: $24    Discount price: $12!
 I was such in awe when I first discovered these thrifted earrings last year.  They are so unique and still in perfect condition from when I bagged them.  I'm just realizing it now but they kinda give off a tribal feel similar to my clutch. Don't you think?
This wrap-around bracelet is also another item I spotted at a discount store.  They are quite convenient because you can literally throw it around your arm and keep it moving. Although some bangles are very fashionably cute, I really hate the ones where you have to squeeze your arm into and its then hard to get off! (SO ANNOYING)

Thrifted Treasures: Red Stone Earrings
Rainbows: Striped Dress (similar in +sizes!)
Discount Store: Tribal Clutch, Bracelet

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