Monday, August 4, 2014

Hair Care: Tresemme Heat Protectant Spray

Being natural, I've grown gradually to not like putting a lot of heat in my hair such as flat irons other than for touch-ups once every couple of weeks. Like myself and others in the natural movement know that applying moisture to hair is an absolute must. (LITERALLY CRUCIAL!) When ceasing from the use of perms, relaxers, and other detrimental products to the hair, our hair becomes naturally dry.  Thus becoming very susceptible to split ends and breakage. In which too much heat can cause even more damage.

Its been 2yrs. and 5 months now since I gave up relaxers within my first year of college. Although its been a long journey of not only rediscovering my hair but definitely HUGE trials and errors. Though I don't regret it at all.  Since transitioning, I have became accustomed to different hair products along the way.

Wal-Mart $3.98

Target $3.99
One product my college friend help me to discover earlier this year is Tresemme Heat Protection Spray. It helps to shield hair from heat styling when applying flat irons, hairdryers, etc. and creates shine.  Note: Personally, I do not consider this to be a natural and/or organic hair product due to some ingredients.  Decide what ingredients may or may not work for your hair when deciding to purchase.

How I use it:
 - Wash my hair  - While still damp, prep my hair with  dime-size amounts of Shea Moisture leave-in conditioner - Put my hair in sections & spray Tresemme from root to ends  - Apply my flat iron (hair temp: about 15-20 )

For me, it really does a great job of keeping my hair frizz free and incredibly smooth along with a great smell.  Not as much shine as I would hope for though due to me not being a professional hairstylist - by any means! However I still love my hair's end result from this product.

Have you ever used Tresemme products? If not, what products do you use for heat protection?

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