Friday, August 14, 2015

Dots & Floral

Back to college this week. My final semester. And all I've been doing is a lot of packing, organizing, ordering books, and praying. But Im excited though. To see my friends, fresh classes, and to start my last design class - tailoring ! ^_^ In the mean time however, Ive been holding out on you guys. I got this skirt on a thrift run last year and it hasn't seen the light of day from my closet since. What have you guys been up to? 

Thrift: Print skirt, Blouse, Striped Clip-ons
Roses: Sneakers

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Aisle Style

Its often bittersweet when I scroll down my facebook and see old childhood friends starting families, having kids and especially, getting married.  And the more I get older I can't help but want that for myself as well.  Although marriage is something I'm not planning on anytime soon, a girl can still dream right?  Aisle Style is an online UK brand that sells wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, and other special occasion dresses at very affordable prices.  Dress sizes run from U.S. 2-26 (UK 4-28). They offer numerous elegant and diverse silhouettes that cater to women of all ages including kids through elaborate, contemporary, and even simple styles. Any special occasions you guys are attending soon? Receive a $5 coupon when signing up with them !



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