Sunday, July 28, 2013

Trend Fave: Holographic

From clothes, shoes, bags, lip gloss, or iphone cases, the Holographic trend has taken fashion and some technology accessories by glow from Spring 2013 and well into this summer season. This iridescent trend pays homage to the 90's and today has both a modern and fashion-forward feel you can have fun to indulge in.

Freak of Nature bustier top, $16 / Kill City / Cross training shoes / Backpacks bag / Marc by Marc Jacobs / With Love From CA iphone case / STELLA McCARTNEY , $225 / Topshop , $9.24 / Victoria s Secret beauty product
Hologram clothing sure is a great way to put a little sparkle into your wardrobe! And I have yet to incorporate it into mine!  But until then I created a collage of my ideal everyday outfit combining a hint of this trend with bold prints!  

If your like me and more of a fashion risk-taker this can be the perfect outfit for you! To start off this look is a peacock print biker jacket paired up with a polka dot tee that you can tuck underneath into the hologram shorts.  To have some playful color going down below I chose to pair this look up with cosmic print platform sneakers. Which such a daring outfit, I decided to add simple accessories of a bangle and stud earrings staying within the color scheme.

Everyday Wear
A|Wear white t shirt, $27 / Ruby Rocks motorcycle jacket, $75 / Kill City / High top sneaker
FOSSIL stainless steel jewelry / Principles by Ben de Lisi bangle bracelet, $18

Now lets admit, this trend can be quite an eye-popper depending on where you go. Yet if your confident enough to rock it from head-to-toe by all means I salute you! But if not then keep the outfit simple.  A simple iredeescent statement piece can go along way within a look.

For this collage, I went with a monochrome simple chic look with pants with little accents of iridescent paired with a sleeveless tee and classic colored black &white sandals.  Along with this look, I paired a cute clutch and unique vinyl record earrings with a retro pop of red. 

Simple holographic
Illustrated People crop top, $46 / Chalayan elastic waistband pants, $255 / Bionda Castana leather sandals, $655 / KOTUR clasp purse / Christmas earrings

So what do you think of this trend! Would you wear it! Comment below!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Energy Level

 Its was a nice morning of cloudiness and cool breezes during this shoot, making this the perfect day to wear a pop of colors with a vintage neutral floral print !

Thrifted Treasures: Necklace
Lane Bryant: Oval earrings (other styles!),  Blue Jeans (similar)
Payless: Oxford Heels (here!)
moms closet: floral blazer, crop tee

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Let's See The Beauty In Weird

 I continue to be a huge advocate of plus-size fashion  Despite becoming healthier and losing weight this past year, I still consider myself to be curvier compared to society's ideal "skinny".  Though with this outfit I felt I was able to embrace my size and creativity with a simple use of a bath robe.

 High-waisted pants and crop tops are love to me! There great pieces to compliment ones shape. When it comes to high-waisted pants I tend to go for the elastic waistbands to avoid an unflattering muffin top.

I love being able to see the opposite of what other people see.  Finding the beauty in weirdness for inspiration.  I knew when I spotted this robe in the thrift store it had more use than just during daily showers.

Thrifted Treasures: Bath Robe, High-wasted pants, Earrings, Necklace
Discount Store: Studded Sandals
moms closet - purse, beige blouse

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Darker Approach To Fun

Have you ever had something you love so much but you cant seem to find what it needs to be complimented? Well like I've mentioned in my earlier posts, Im highly indecisive! Yet I tend to use that small flaw of mine to my advantage, especially with this look.  I thought I didn't having anything to flow quite well with this jacket. Though after awhile of fumbling in closets I decided it needed to be flattered with more prints! (HA!)
At full length, the skirt reaches all the way to my calf's. Yet, I wanted it to make the outfit have more of a youthful appearance.  The delicate rayon material at the top part of the skirt I folded over a few times. It really helped to bring the skirt up a lot higher to only show the top of the bottom pleated swirl print where the two materials meet.
Skirt originally goes with the overcoat from Safari 1 of 3 shoot.

Over the past half year, I've lost a lot of weight and have not only grown a new confidence in myself but also in the clothes that Im in now.  Ive never thought I would be at a size where Im wearing a cut-out top that fits me oh so well.  But I guess there is a first time for everything. 

Discovered these awesome unique cut-out flats at the bottom of my shoe tote before the shoot that I totally forgot my friend gave away to me last year!

Thrifted Treasures: Printed Blazer
gift - Cutout flats (other styles!)
moms closet - skirt, earrings

Monday, July 22, 2013

Squaring My Pleats From The Past

 The sun still continued to play the game of hide-and-seek amongst the clouds during this shoot causing me to have to switch from numerous camera settings struggling to capture the perfect outdoor lightening.  Though with some different variations of light on my photos, some great shots still came about. ^_^
The other day I did a serious mad rummage take-over through my moms closet and was in search of perhaps a new feel of a new look.  In result of excitedly running back & forth across the house from my closet to hers, this is one of the many dope looks I planned out for the week.   For this look,  it was mission: straight old-fashioned!

 Back then everything seemed to be so simple and classic during the 50's & 60's era with different silhouettes of skirts, women's dress-suits and styles of mens buttoned blazers. I wanted to capture that same essence with this look.  My love for color and knack for coordinating lead me to pair up this ensemble.

When it come to thrifted jewelery, to me there far more valuable than any store bought earrings you may purchase.  They have that certain look of history, time, and a past on them that you cant find anymore unlike the same jewelry trends that you see repetitively in every other store now-a-days.
Thrifted Treasures: Square Blouse, Pink Skirt, Earrings,  Dress Shoes, Purse
gift - Blazer

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Stripes Of Geo

 I think the sun was definitely playing with me today with this outfit as it was going in and out of the clouds.  Either way, it didn't stop my eagerness to pair up some cool prints today.


I think this sundress may literally be the first dress ever that I have found to form-fit me perfectly without making me look too wide or bigger at the top.  I don't usually where many dresses. But when I do I have to be careful with some like the elastic waist or sash dresses that tends to make me look wider than I really am.

This clutch is so dang eye-catching in which I have gotten a lot of compliments off of .  Can you believe it that I go it at a discount store for half its value! (DANCES) 
Original price: $24    Discount price: $12!
 I was such in awe when I first discovered these thrifted earrings last year.  They are so unique and still in perfect condition from when I bagged them.  I'm just realizing it now but they kinda give off a tribal feel similar to my clutch. Don't you think?
This wrap-around bracelet is also another item I spotted at a discount store.  They are quite convenient because you can literally throw it around your arm and keep it moving. Although some bangles are very fashionably cute, I really hate the ones where you have to squeeze your arm into and its then hard to get off! (SO ANNOYING)

Thrifted Treasures: Red Stone Earrings
Rainbows: Striped Dress (similar in +sizes!)
Discount Store: Tribal Clutch, Bracelet

Skirt Favs

Skirts are a great versatility pieces to add to to your wardrobe during the summer. You can dress it up or you can dress it down.  There are short skirts, long skirts, flow-y skirts, lace skirts, a-line skirts, tube skirts, whatever! The best way to find a skirt that works for you is first deciding what style of skirt you are comfortable with that also flatters your shape.
My Top 3 Fav Skirts for the Summer
 Hear are my top favorite skirt styles that you can test out for the summer:

1. Asymmetrical Skirts: To me these skirts are such fun creative art pieces to add to your closet.
  •   Outfit Suggestions: Crop top, Strap wedge sandals, Clutch

2. Dungaree Skirts: They have such a dope 90's feel to them especially with the cool automatic attachment of suspenders.

  • Outfit Suggestions: Graphic tee, Bowler hat, Wedge Sneakers

3. Peplum Skirts: Such a cute way to add some flair to your waist and hip-line.

  • Outfit Suggestions: Collard blouse, Wedge heels, Gold necklace

With numerous skirt silhouettes nowadays how is a girl to choose?!

Shop the looks!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sketchings Of The Burgundy Vines

What better way to welcome a beautiful summer day than to do a shoot outside.  Best time and place? In the shade of trees first thing in the morning long before the unbearable humidity runs me back inside.
 This blouse had such a uniqueness and such pretty delicacy that caught my eye while rummaging a thrift store.  It must have been the the floral print that made the shirt look special to me.

 Jeggings, to me, will always win over jeans, ANY DAY! Why you wonder?: Bc there super comfortable, stretchable, form-fitting, and there just so dang COMFORTABLE! Plus there very versatile in which you can dress up or dress down an outfit with them.

I love vests, especially ones that fit me to a tee. There like fun enhancing bonus pieces to an outfit.

Since last year Ive had this necklace and I have completely lost track the number of times Ive worn it, to the point my mom thought it was the only jewelery I owned. My first glance at it in Platos Closet was not only because of its vintage appeal but because it look as if it had a story behind of why and where its been.

Thrifted Treasures: Floral Blouse, Tribe Vest
Platos Closeet: Necklace
Lane Bryant: Red Vino Skinny
a gift - earrings, bag, men's oxford shoes


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