Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Year Well Lived

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas !  I have been SUPER BUSY with school. And I can't believe this year has came and went.  These past few months have led up to me reaching another major mile stone. Graduating college! My college experience these past four years definitely hasn't been an easy one. It has been a long journey full of good experiences along with hardships. Out of everything that I have been through my faith in God has kept me going the most. Even when I was stressed out of my mind about homework, crying my eyes out about personal things going on around me, and completely wanting to quit.  Despite that, God continue to direct me to conquer so many amazing things this year that I never thought I would be able to do!  

In my final design class this semester, tailoring I made two garments. I learned about the history of tailoring, hand sewing techniques, and the application of non-fusible interfacing by hand. My inspiration for both of these pieces came from the choices of fabrication as well as the popular trend of culotte pants.  Below is the process of how I made both through drafting patterns, sewing a muslin, and applying these techniques.  Are there any crafty ideas you guys have to decorate for the New Year?  Use coupon code: ExtraFifty01 to get 50% off any regular priced item from Jo-Ann Fabrics & Craft Stores !

Jacket Pattern (Working Patterns)
100% Wool with application of Non-fusible interfacing by hand 
Under Collar

Culotte Pant Patterns w/ Waistband
100% Wool
Denim (Abstract Fabric)
Front Hip Pocket 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Dots & Floral

Back to college this week. My final semester. And all I've been doing is a lot of packing, organizing, ordering books, and praying. But Im excited though. To see my friends, fresh classes, and to start my last design class - tailoring ! ^_^ In the mean time however, Ive been holding out on you guys. I got this skirt on a thrift run last year and it hasn't seen the light of day from my closet since. What have you guys been up to? 

Thrift: Print skirt, Blouse, Striped Clip-ons
Roses: Sneakers

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Aisle Style

Its often bittersweet when I scroll down my facebook and see old childhood friends starting families, having kids and especially, getting married.  And the more I get older I can't help but want that for myself as well.  Although marriage is something I'm not planning on anytime soon, a girl can still dream right?  Aisle Style is an online UK brand that sells wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, and other special occasion dresses at very affordable prices.  Dress sizes run from U.S. 2-26 (UK 4-28). They offer numerous elegant and diverse silhouettes that cater to women of all ages including kids through elaborate, contemporary, and even simple styles. Any special occasions you guys are attending soon? Receive a $5 coupon when signing up with them !


Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer Bliss

Its July now and when I look back over the summer since I've been home in May, I realize this is the best summer Ive had in years. Literally. No, I haven't been out the house much. But that's okay. I've been finding other things to do that I've wouldnt usually have time for.  I've been trying out new sewing design ideas. Floating in my new backyard pool.  Cooking more. Exercising, eating healthier and actually losing some weight. Making much needed time to spend with God in prayer and reading His word. I've just really been enjoying myself this summer for the first time in years since I came out of high school and into college.
The colorful skirt print was LOVEEE to me when I spotted it in Roses and noticed it was the last one and in my size. (WINNING! ^_^)  I also bagged the sleeveless collared top there too. What have you guys been up to this summer?


Roses: Sleeveless top, and Colorful print skirt  Similar Here | Here | Here
Lane Bryant: Aqua Colored Tank  Similar Here | Here
Urbanog: Cutout Leather Sandals   Similar Here | Here | Here
Thirfted: Chandelier earrings  Similar Here | Here

Monday, June 29, 2015


Im very careful when it comes to what I put on my sensitive skin. Growing up I struggled a lot with managing acne. Though a lot of my acne phase I eventually grew out of I continue to deal with dark spots and oily skin. Since the beginning of the year I have been using Netrogena Daily facial cleanser wash for normal to oily skin. The cleanser is like a jelly substance. When applied to water becomes a soapy rich lather.  It works to clean and exfoliate deep into the pores and is a great makeup remover.  Just using it within the past few months my skin has become a lot more softer and clearer. A lot of my dark blotches has lightened up slowly but subtly to a more even natural complexion. 

Afterwards I follow it up with Neutrogena's moisturizing oil-free lotion. Though I have only been using this product for a couple of weeks now I love how the lotion is very lightweight and non-greasy and doesn't add to any oily buildups on my skin. It targets your dry areas while not clogging your pores.  Personally I like to gently massage the lotion into a rotating motion on my face and neck area for more even absorption.  It can also be used as a great moisturizer for under your makeup.  One pump is recommended enough for full facial coverage but I may use a little more if needed in some areas. You can easily find both products at your local Wal-mart and Dollar General for under $10 each! What skin care products are you guys using for the summer? Also, be sure to check out my previous skin care post on black soap here

Monday, June 1, 2015

Pretty in White

With exams, projects, and holding down a job I am so happy to be out for the summer!  And despite some up and downs Ive been facing this year, thankfully God blessed me to get through ALL of it while allowing me to pass another semester of classes. (Praise Him ^_^)  I bought this dress at Roses discount store a few months ago.  Although Roses has a lower-end quality in clothing you can still find nice trendy outfits without breaking the bank.  I quickly fell in love with the gold plated neckline. Ive been longing for a nice comfortable fitted sheath dress and this is so simple yet classic.  I don't really have  any other all white ensembles in my wardrobe so this definitely gives me an excuse to shop for more. What do you guys have planned for the summer? 

Thrift: Gold clip-on earrings
Roses: White Panel Dress    Similar Here | Here | Here

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Geometric Top 3 Ways

 This new college semester has been like a whirlwind of busyness for me mixed with a lot to look forward to in the months to come. As a college student, I have been really trying to put myself on a budget more than ever lately. Im not planning on buying anything new for awhile still, so this gives me a great chance to work with what is in my wardrobe already and save money.  One way I like to be creative with my wardrobe is:  1.) I take one clothing piece (usually a blouse/shirt).  2.) Pair it with versatile pieces of my wardrobe making new looks for different occasions.  To make it easy, I find other similar or solid colored pieces to compliment the colors of the blouse. 3.) Find the right accessories to give the overall look an added touch. But keep it simple. Are you guys versatile with anything in your wardrobe this season? 

From top to bottom:
Geometric blouse - similar here & here
Houndstooth Clutch - similar here
Oxford Heels - Similar here
Triangular Earring (thrifted)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Zig-Zag & Diamond

"Everything that I need is here, or on its way.  And everything I don't, is gone or nonexistent. Peace to that." - Dau Voire

Happy brand New Year to you guys !


Outfit: Thrifted!
Necklace: Similar here!
Lane Bryant: Studded flats (similar here! & here!)


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